aYou’re a pure manifestation of spirit and Earth,
So be sure you’ve been created for a purpose since birth’s edge.
In your heart the cure for the chaos that still lurks in
Evil lands and persons but I’m certain you’ll shred it’s curtain.



Welcome to LIFE,

A spiral of senses,

Waiting to experience

Every season relentless;

We only move forward now.


Your eyes are
their own dimension,
with millions of stories
and truths to tell within.


In life you will find LOVE,

The greatest force known,

That will have you on knees

In a second’s notice.


Seeds are planted in spring,
Grown in summer’s sun,
Aged in autumn’s winds,
Always to fall in winter’s wrath.
This is life.

Heaven HellLove to just let go

Running into the fields unmeasured

Letting the breeze move me to new places.

After the clock is smashed

Freedom flows into the folds,

Faith becomes the measurement

And nothing is left but now.






I can’t force the soil to produce,

God is the author instead,

Knowing what he wants for the future.

Some fruits will never grow

No matter how badly I want them to,

No matter the level of exertion,

No matter the tears shed.

Tears can’t grow the fruit;

To coerce the seed from its shell

Creating something beautiful.


The choice isn’t mine or ours or yours if the seed will root
Itself in the fertile soil that is perfectly made for it.


God breathes life into his chosen ones

And is why you are alive today.

Instead of emptiness and fruitlessness

You were chosen to grow endlessly,

Knitted into the sea of consciousness,

Forever connected to the Creator.


And no matter how hard you hide it,
Life flourishes within you.
Eternity is waiting to be found
If God is your captain.





Worried about one passing
 cycle when I've outlasted
 much worse before
My mind focuses in on
 one problem, just to
 become blind to the
 big picture
Need to have faith in
 me, the guidance of God,
 without tensions, questions
 or hesitations
There are opportunities &
 possibilities open and
 waiting to be grabbed
 from the zone of potentiality
Reality is:
 this moment
 and nothing else
Without any thought or begging
 for the past or future, try to
 capture the present moment
 and create a masterpiece with it.




only few deaths are painful;
only the memories remain,
the cycles of minds remain,
but the body flies into the wind
disintegrates and flies off easily.
what is left is the SOUL.
guided by God’s hands
placed in the perfect existence
for your soul’s progression
and perfection. it’s a slow
conveyor belt of souls to
find the final heaven, but
many humans can find it.
we are the most advanced forms
we are the privileged ones now.
please look towards God and pray
through Jesus to the heavenly Father!
ask first for forgiveness;
then your needs, greeds,
random thoughts, anything you wish.
God listens, He is powerful enough
to light this entire universe on fire,
but instead His compassion flows slowly.
He works through all of us, every aspect
of this world is God.
Every atom is online,
nobody can hide from His gaze.
God stares intently start to finish,
from the stars into life and all of matter.


sometimes so lost in worries
i lose track of everything
that truly matters.
when i give in, i lose
the moment’s brightness,
alive with possibilities
and nowhere to hide.
worries only pass,
just another cycle.
never let anything
take complete hold of you,
only the Creator’s will
which works through us all.

even during terrible moments
there are possibilities in bunches,
yearning to be grabbed
and torn from the shadows.
as each moment fades and passes,
we’re able to remember and understand,
to construct the future differently
than we once planned.

there are clear signs if you seek them,
a light shining on the proper path forward.
a perfect fruit to sacrifice,
given back to this beautiful Earth.

The Light is actually God’s wisdom,
a thing we cannot qwel or run from.


kindness is necessary
but don’t be too kind,
giving in to any decision
based on another’s thoughts
is a sure trap.

be affected only by the person within,
this way you are solely responsible,
so that you can learn and better yourself.
it’s the only thing in this world
you can have complete control over,
the only skill worth mastering.
live free in God’s love,
this is the message.